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Sample reels and projects in development are available upon request.

Rocksteady, a good-natured coming-of-age story, is the first feature film from television and commercial director Mustapha Khan ’84.

Aimed, he says, “at car-crazy teenage boys who love action films, the purpose of the car chase scene is to grab the audience’s attention. But the film is about something larger, the connections between fathers and sons. Rocksteady poses the question every young man has to answer, ‘How do I grow up?’ He has to figure out if he’s a guy who can walk in his father’s shoes.”

"God Grew Tired of Us” is one of the hundreds of documentaries in the film industry. These days, you will find documentaries not only made by mainstream filmmakers, but also the independent ones. There are various options available today that those who want to create their own documentary film can start anytime, given that they have the basic equipment needed for a film.

It doesn’t matter which stage you are in your documentary project. Whether you are still searching for amazing documentary ideas, seeking for the right videography tips, interviewing tips or lighting tips, or still trying to figure out a way on how the script should be written, it doesn’t change the fact that creating documentary films is one of an amazing adventure.

Travel across America each week with Crystal Bowersox, John Mangione, and Ivy Haralson as they take it to the streets in search of the most eclectic, talented & bizarre street performers in the USA!

The audience is on the street with our three Hosts to feel the vibe in New York City’s fabled Washington Square Park, hang on a California beach, or paddle deep in the Bayou.